Tallinn November 2017

November in Tallinn – our second poker stop in the Capital of Estonia in year 2017. Hosted by the beautiful Olympic Park Casino, the festival was a blast. So, what made this stop special?

To be clear, all our stops are dear to us because, depending on the location, we meet new poker peeps and discover the local cultural and party landscape. Of course, since Tallinn is our birth place and a home town, we do feel slightly more home here than anywhere else in Europe. However, the Cash Game Festival is what it is – good games, fun, a great atmosphere. So, basically, we are able to create the same vibe in any festival location. That is what we do, and that is what we love doing!

Firstly, in Tallinn, we had poker players from 17+ different countries. In reality, it was more like over 20 different nationalities attending the live event. The number 17 is based on the “official” player registrations during weeks leading up to the festival. Namely, some of our regulars simply informed us of their attendance but did not register via our online form. In conclusion, we are super happy that we can attract such large number of foreign players to Tallinn poker scene.

Like is always the case with the Cash Game Festival, we offer our players side-activities via our hospitality packages. In Tallinn, they got to experience a rather wide variety of fun events. On the first day, we were greeting the players with glamorous welcome drinks and tasty snacks, offering the chance to meet and greet each other. On the second day, the players were taken to an art class in the Estonian Academy of Arts. To everybody’s surprise, they had to learn, with the help of the most wonderful art instructor, how to paint nude models! On the third day, we took our players and Partners out for a fancy VIP dinner with excellent food and wine. There were 50 people attending the feast. What a pleasant night it was. On Saturday, the players were taken out to a party to remember. It was a fun night  with drinks and loads of dancing. On Sunday afternoon, the players who had survived the Saturday night, were taken to an escape room where they had to be smart and figure their way out of the venue and back to the casino. Everybody got out and had a blast on top of that. All in all, these hospitality activities added an extra layer of excitement to the whole festival and made the week in Tallinn a memorable one. We have photos to prove it!

In Tallinn, we had the wonderful opportunity of organizing the ladies only Twitch feature table. This was our first! So, during our Friday’s earlier hold’em live session, all 8 seats were filled by poker ladies from Estonia and other nationalities. It was an impressive game, for sure! We are looking forward for more.

We also had the honor of handing out our 3rd TV table trophy of 2017. The trophy goes to a player who wins the most big blinds during one live TV table session; we have 10 such sessions per each festival. This time, the trophy remained in Estonia. The proud winner was Estonia’s Heiti Riisberg, a business man and a self-described recreational poker player. Heiti set the bar very high on day 1 with 1682 big blinds won at Wednesday’s €2/€2 hold’em feature table. Many tried to beat him but could not. An impressive result, indeed!

Of course, we also played cash games – several poker variations and with stakes suitable for all levels of players. Good games, fun and socializing – this was the Cash Game Festival Tallinn stop in November!

Welcome again!

poker, cash games, Tallinn, Cash Game Festival
cash games, poker, Tallinn, Twitch
poker, cash game, poker ladies, Tallinn, Twitch