The Buzz was Real on Day 3 of the CGF Bratislava

The buzz and excitement could be felt by anyone with a pulse during Day 3 of the Cash Game Festival Bratislava at Banco Casino. There was tons of action at the TV tables, side tables, and, of course, during our VIP dinner

Beer Bike and Tons of Poker on Day 2 of the CGF Bratislava

The Cash Game Festival Bratislava continued yesterday with a spectacular second of five days at Banco Casino Bratislava. The casino was packed with action but thanks to the fantastic casino staff no players had to wait too long to find themselves in

Great Action on Day 1 of the CGF Bratislava

The Cash Game Festival Bratislava at Banco Casino kicked off the first of its five days in style yesterday with the cash room full of cash and the tournament area attracting a big crowd as well. The day for some never ended

Cash Game Festival Bratislava About to Begin

Players are flocking into the Slovakian capital of Bratislava for our latest edition of the Cash Game Festival at Banco Casino on Sept. 25-29. Demand is high and some players couldn’t wait for the festival to kick off with cash tables already

CGF Returns to Banco Casino Bratislava on Sept. 25-29

Our love for Banco Casino Bratislava continues! We will return to the Slovakian capital for the second time this year and the fourth time in the last two years for a fantastic five day festival on Sept. 25-29. The festival this time

Are You Ready for Bratislava on April 3-8?

Are you ready for Bratislava?   There are over 6,000 caves in Slovakia, and you’d have to be living in one not to have noticed how popular Cash Game Festival events have become both on and off the tables.   You’ll get the