SUNNY BEACH 07th - 11th of August

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On August 7th-11th, Cash Game Festival will be in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria at Platinum Casino. If you want to cut the lines and get to the table faster, please fill in the registration form below.

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Platinum Hotell & Casino

TV Table Schedule

Aug. 7 - Early (6:30 p.m.)€1/€2 NLHE
Aug. 7 - Late (9:30 p.m.)€2/€2 PLO
Aug. 8 - Early (6:30 p.m.)€2/€2 NLHE
Aug. 8 - Late (9:30 p.m.)€5/€5 PLO 5 Card
Aug. 9 - Early (6:30 p.m.)€2/€2 Short Deck
Aug. 9 - Late (9:30 p.m.)€2/€5 NLHE
Aug. 10 - Early (6:30 p.m.)€2/€2 PLO 5 Card
Aug. 10 - Late (9:30 p.m.)€5/€10 NLHE
Aug. 11 - (4 p.m.)€2/€2 PL Mixed Games (€5/€10 if Limit)

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