After the 2008 banking bailout, all of us got a very clear picture of the way things really were. We realized Bitcoin held the promise of giving power back to the little guy. As entrepreneurs, disruption is very attractive. Bitcoin is the most disruptive technology since the Internet itself with the potential to be orders of magnitude more disruptive with the right frameworks in place.

Paxful was born out of necessity. We first built a payment processor for retail bitcoin but without enough bitcoins in mainstream circulation there was no problem to solve. We set out to solve the core problem, to take bitcoin mainstream. We achieved that, growing our user-base to more than 250,000.

Paxful was built to be the friendliest, easiest to use peer-to-peer marketplace for newbies, to get bitcoins fast without bank accounts. We made Bitcoin more mainstream.

After this learning, we created an awesome widget which would help out your customers and give them more than 300 options to pay with. It gives your company access to more revenue and markets immediately. It can be embedded wherever you would like it. We will help usher in the digital-currency-age for gaming and betting.

We have experience getting non-tech-savvy people to buy and sell bitcoin and now we’ve designed a new widget that turns the buying and spending of bitcoin into an easy 3 step process and can convert any currency or payment method into any other currency. We want to continue helping people instantly buy BTC and convert it into any currency for use anywhere they go without the hassle of waiting and we want to help merchants, casinos, and gaming sites to access more people and get them their money easily from their origin instantly to continue their game.

Check it out here:

Our integration is done in minutes. We give you access to the 2.5 Billion underbanked. Our BTC vendors accept gift cards and many forms of payment and it goes directly into your account/wallet. Our affiliate link also pays out 2% which is 200% of our cut. Our vendors can handle all of your traffic and we will create a package with great rates and with vendors which match your needs.

We will be integrated in October with many sites and we are referring our 250k (and growing) customers to sites and businesses like yours.

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