Thank you London! We had a blast…

Almost a month has passed since the event in London and we are fast approaching the next Cash Game Festival in Malta 8-12th June. We want to take some time to properly thank everyone involved for creating a very successful event at

Wrapping it up after five days of total success

Sunday usually means funday when it comes to the Cash Game Festival. Five long days and nights of live poker comes to a conclusion, with players and newfound friends getting a last chance to hang, recover and play some last hand together. When

Saturday madness at Aspers Casino

After three fun and successful days at Aspers Casino Stratford we just knew that Saturday would be as special and bring us tons of action and events going on outside of the tables as well. Next to the poker room, the casino has a

Full house and ping pong to kick off the weekend

Three days in with a full weekend ahead, all signs from the previous days made us have high hopes to fill up the poker room and reach 30+ tables sometime during Friday evening/night. And just around midnight we reached that goal with tables running stakes

The fun and games kept on going day two

First of all…thank you all for signing up on the pre-registration page and making the buzz around Cash Game Festival even bigger. The first two days here in London at Aspers Casino has been a great success, with more tables running simultaneously

Cash Game Festival has landed!

Day #2 of Cash Game Festival is in the books and based on the player flow, sound level in poker room and the next door bar we have to admit that we are off to a flying start here in London. Ahead

Action packed first day comes to an end

After hosting the first three events in the beautiful city of Tallinn, the team behind Cash Game Festival contemplated to expand the concept outside of Estonia during 2016. Soon it was decided that Aspers Casino Stratford in London would mark the launch of

4 days to London – Meet Björn Gustafsson

Cash Game Festival: Hello Björn! Could you start by telling us what you do for a living? BG: Since the last 6 years I have been working in the poker industry almost exclusively. My main focus during these years have been to

5 days to London – Meet Silje Nilsen

Cash Game Festival: Hi Silje! Could you start by telling us what you do for a living? Silje Nilsen: I am a professional poker player, and play poker full time. Before that I worked as a bartender. CGF: How long have you played poker