Attention please.

As the time goes by the excitement for the Malta event increase for each day passing. There is a lot to do and a quick view behind the scenes shows that everything needs to be finalized, since perfection is the only option

Can you predict…

This post is supposed to be about the future for the players attending Cash Game Festival but before we come to that here is a little reminder: You know that your future might include a free trip to the next festival including

The Final Countdown

So, with one week (yikes, where did time go?) left until the event on Malta, the final preparations for a successful event are on their way. First of all we are looking for a commentator, girl or guy doesn’t matter. The most

The History of Cash Game Festival

You might ask yourself; How the heck couldn’t someone come up with this earlier? And that is a question the founders of Cash Game Festival also asked themselves. The history started in 2014 back in Tallinn, Estonia, where the founders Enri Orav

The road to success goes thru…

To be able to create a successful event you need to surround yourself with reliable people and there must be a mutual trust between these parties. As for us at Cash Game Festival this is important, not only for us and the

Only 10 days left ’til Malta!

Things are getting more and more for real, the excitement increases for every day and we are only ten days away from Malta’s first ever Cash Game Festival. Partners are getting their players ready and we would like to give these players

Questions & Answers

So, to ensure that everyone has answers to the questions you might have regarding both Cash Game Festival and the events we host, here are some Q&A that might help you on your way. Please, if there is any other questions needed

Throwback Thursday!

Today it’s Thursday and it’s time for a classic throwback Thursday post. To get you all set and in the mood for Malta here is some great pictures of happenings from our earlier stops in both London and Tallinn.      

Cash Game Festival proudly presents: SiGMA

We at Cash Game Festival are proud to present the latest of our strategic partners, and this guys, is one of the big ones: Summit of iGaming, Malta – Also known as SiGMA. SiGMA is based on Malta, which happens to be