Our Facebook group is the perfect way to stay in touch with our events before, during, and after they take place. Plenty of key information about each upcoming festival is shared each day leading up to the next festival to our nearly 5,000 followers.

The group allows you to be immersed in our festivals even if you can’t attend highlighted by plenty of pictures, posts, and videos. Of course, we also share when the live streams kick off and who will be battling it out in front of the lights and cameras for money and glory.

After the events, there will be plenty of videos shared including an aftermovie, biggest hands on stream, and interviews with some of the players in attendance.

Whether you have been to a Cash Game Festival or not, you are part of the growing CGF family. Join our Facebook Page today.


More than 1,000 followers keep in touch with our events at our Twitter page. Our fans follow the latest news leading up and after each event. Our Twitter page is the perfect place to learn about key information during the events especially about our live Twitch streams.

Follow our Twitter account to keep in touch with the Cash Game Festival in 240 characters or less.


If you like amazing photos and funny clips our Instagram is the perfect place for you. Our 1,000 followers would agree that our photos bring the events to life.

During each festival there are plenty of photos shared and of course plenty of funny clips in the My Story. It doesn’t end here as before and after each event plenty of photos continue to go up to remind you about your last poker holiday with us or the next one to come.

Follow our Instagram to see all our amazing photos. You won’t be disappointed.


Our YouTube account brings our festival to life with amazing videos from each day of action during the festival, along with aftermovies, interviews, big hands played at our feature table, and previews of our upcoming events.

Subscribe to our channel to check out the nearly 500 videos in our library and growing! You won’t be disappointed.


Watch all our amazing televised feature tables on our Twitch channel. Each day during the Cash Game Festival, our expert production crew and commentators bring our t.v. table to life. Every player has a chance to be a star with many of our games featuring lower limits.

Players are all out to have a good time while also in a quest to win the coveted Cash Game Festival trophy for winning the biggest number of big blinds throughout any of our festivals. This creates an enjoyable experience for all our viewers, especially with our commentators interacting with the chat.

The Cash Game Festival also hosts streams of online action in between festivals.

If you love watching entertaining poker, join our more than 5,000 followers at our Twitch channel today.

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