On the long weekend between the 25th and the 29th of November our third Cash Game Festival was held at Olympic Casino in Tallinn. Compared with the earlier two events we had partnered up with more online poker rooms. With the help of 888, OlyBet, Triobet and NordicBet there were several opportunities for the poker community to secure a staked seat at the festival.

We introduced new features such as festival winners, at this event we tried out two different categories:

Prize #1
Is a unique prize for players on the LIVE-streamed TV table


    • The player that wins the highest amount of big blinds no matter the buy-in level gets this prize

Prize #2
Is a prize for all cashgame tables involved in the Cash Game Festival


    • The player that wins the most amount of big blinds with the premium hand 7-2 (seven deuce) gets the honor of winning prize number 2


    • Winning a hand with 7-2 requires the player to call floor and register the winnings


  • Every winning hand with 7-2 gets a deck of cards from RankingHero

After 9 sessions on the feature table and loads of action in the casino room during 5 days of play, we were finally able to announce the winners of the Cash Game Festival in Tallinn 2015:


    • Jouni Hietanen (Finland) in the 7-2 off suit challenge


    • Eelis P. (Finland) for winning the most big blinds at the feature table

Huge congrats to both of the players from all of us involved and thank you to all others that came close and making it exciting all the way to the end. Jouni won his 200bb already on day 2, and so did actually Eelis P. setting an extremely high benchmark to beat taking down 890bb in the €5/€10 omaha game. They will both be able to bring a friend along to London were they get accommodation for two nights in a double room from RankingHero and a gift bag from 888Poker.

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Also please make sure to check out the websites of the festival sponsors 888Poker, Olybet, NordicBet and TrioBet!

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