Poker Icons has been involved in the industry since 2006 initially as a poker player agency but during the past years focused on events like Pokerfinnkampen, Nordic Aces, PokerAllsvenskan, Tallinn Allin and more. When Poker Icons Chairman of the board and CEO Martin “Franke” von Zweigbergk and Enri Orav met up over a beer at PPC in Åland 2014 the new festival series was born.

When we started Cash Game Festival in 2014 it was with an explicit target to revive the cash game scene across several countries both live and online. The game that we love, poker, has in the past few years established itself as an important past time activity for a lot of persons. Still in media or based on industry reports there has been a small pause in the poker boom that started back in 2003 with Chris Moneymaker. Well, we will sure make our best effort to get the boom back on track.

In the very first event, with a short preparation time we still succeeded to fill the casino over 4 days of non-stop action, the local players, the traveling visitors and the poker community liked the quality of live streaming that we hosted, the variety of games and levels of buy-ins was in a interesting range, games were running from €1-€1 to €10-€20 with a mandatory straddle one of the nights. Anyhow, the festival in 2014 could not be described with any other word than Sacha Baron Cohen / Borat’s classic quotation: – “Great Success”.

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