Réservation hôtel : choisir de booker maintenant ou attendre?

Alors que le CGF Tallinn approche, nous avons pensé qu’il serait judicieux de parler un peu du sujet de la réservation hôtel. Pour ceux qui voyagent déjà régulièrement pour des évènements de poker, c’est un sujet que vous connaissez bien. Alors, quand est-il

Hotels – Book Now or Wait Some More?

As the CGF Tallinn stop is getting closer, we thought it best to do the “hotel talk” now rather than later. For those of you who travel for poker, the topic is fresh in your mind anyway. So, what about accommodation in

The Grande Finale in Dublin, Tallinn Next!

The Cash Game Festival in Dublin, Ireland was a success. The country is beautiful, the people are friendly and there is always something fun to do off the felt. What makes us extra happy, is the fact that we managed to tie

We Survived Friday 13th in Dublin!

The only thing that could “shatter” our world on day 3 here in Dublin was the news of hurricane Ophelia moving towards Ireland. The tail end of the hurricane is said to hit the island by late Monday and the strongest effects

Love Football Golf in Dublin + Some Poker Talk

After a long poker night, some physical activity in a beautiful countryside location is exactly what one may need. On day 2 in Dublin, our team and the players were heading to play football golf. Yep, the name of the game may