Betsson runs campaign for Bulgaria!

We are pleased and delighted to pronounce Betsson as one of our sponsors for the upcoming event in Bulgaria! It is satisfying to have one of the biggest online rooms aboard the project and it seems like their are going to send


CASH GAME FESTIVAL MOVES ON TO SUNNY BEACH, BULGARIA Pre-registrations for Cash Game Festival at Platinum Casino, Sunny Beach, Bulgaria, is now open! In late March the first Cash Game Festival abroad from the country of origin, Estonia, was hosted. London, UK,

Games are for everyone!

To begin with, the impact from the after movie from Malta and the interviews provided from the same destination is great. We’ve heard only good things about them. Besides that, people watching them wanna come back. And for those who were’nt present

Malta Aftermovie : Look what you missed out on!

It’s been a while but we are back – and in what way we are back! It is about six weeks until the next stop in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria, and the registrations are increasing for every day the event closes in. There

History lesson of the day

As you all know the old principality of Bulgaria is the next stop for our Festival. We’ve gotten some questions on why and how we choose the destinations for our stops. It’s quite a tricky question to answer but I will tro

One way ticket to Burgas, please.

So, as promise in the last post this one will be dedicated to inform you players about the possibility on how to get to Bulgaria event. First of all, Sunny Beach is a very popular destination for tourists. Given that, most of

the Black Sea

The Black Sea sounds like a thriller movie from 2014 by Kevin Macdonald, well that’s actually what it is. But more important, the Black Sea is the view for our next stop; Sunny Beach, Bulgaria. In Sunny Beach the shores overlooks the