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31st Aug - 4th Sep

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Cash Game Festival is coming to sunny Bulgaria! During 2014 and 2015 we hosted three succesful Cash Game Festivals in Tallinn, Estonia. 2016 we started our international tour in London, UK at Aspers Casino and second stop was Malta at Casino Malta. It is time to continue by building a festival that visit different cities throughout Europe. After a succesful Cash Game Festival in London and Malta, the next stop for the Cash Game Festival is Sunny Beach, Bulgaria at Platinum Casino.

Follow the live stream here: (active ONLY when we are live)

Welcome to a poker trip to remember – running games 24h a day as well as a TV table broadcasting online, fine dining and fierce partying in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria.

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Cash Game Festival Bulgaria

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Schedule for Bulgaria / dont forget to register


This is our first stream of the week - good luck!


Time to show your skills at our live streamed Twitch.tv-table!

Mini Golf

Cash Game Festival host the first Poker player Mini Golf.


Tired of the regular table? Join the TV-Table instead!


We take the players for a yummie dinner and some laughs in Bulgaria!!


This is the main event of the evening! Come play with us and take our money!

Yacht ride

Spend an epic day on the private rented Yacht ride including:
  • Drinks
  • Sunbathing
  • Memories for life


Kick of the weekend with this table!


Take your Yacht ride tan and show it on the telly!

Pool Party

Come have a beer, some sun and take swim in the pool!


First stream of the day, good luck to you!


Kick off the night with this stream at Twitch.tv!

VIP Party

A night out to remember, or will you?


Final day of the festival is here - last chances to participate on the streamed tables.


Final stream of the festival. Welcome back to our next event!


Sunny Beach is a fantastic city with plenty of options when it comes to accommodation, restaurants and nightlife.

Hotel and Travel Packages

the organisers of Cash Game Festival have agreed on fantastic rates with partner hotels to accommodate players with different preferences when it comes to pricing and luxury.


Platinum Casino is arranging the cash games and there are a few things you should bear in mind. The legal age to access the casino is 18 years old. You need to have your passport (or national ID card) with you when you register for the first time.

Restaurants & Bars

We will upon request support you by arranging dinner tables, bar suggestions or arrange VIP entrance to a nightclub for you and your friends.

See You in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria at Cash Game Festival 2016!

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We are expecting to have the following games running

NL Holdem: €2-€2, €2-€5, €5-€10, €10-€25

PL Omaha: €2-€2, €2-€5, €5-€10, €10-€25

DC (9 games): €2-€2, €2-€5, €5-€10, €10-€25

Holdem/Omaha: €2-€2, €2-€5, €5-€10, €10-€25

Sviten Special: €2-€2, €2-€5, €5-€10, €10-€25

There will also be opportunities to play Open Faced Chinese Poker throughout the event.


Information about Broadcast Table

The main table of the festival will be broadcasted with commentary via internet here on Cash Game Festival as well on various poker-related sites and on our partner sites

The TV-table will run with various games throughout the festival. The recording of the games will be done in three sessions per day. First playing session each day filmed and broadcasted is 12:30 – 2:30PM, second playing session to be broadcasted at 5.30 -8PM, third starts at 8:30PM and ends when play ends…

Our feature table will include maximum of 8 seats that will consist of two invitational spots, two chairs for the loose cannons of various poker sites and four seats up for grabs.

Recent News / get news!


So, tomorrow it’s time for the Bulgaria event to start! Everything kicks off with welcome drinks at the casino, 17:00 Local time is the time for that. Later on, the action will continue 24/7 for five consecutive days. We are all excited

London Calling – Part 2!

YES! It is a done deal! I am glad to present the next stop of Cash Game Festival. And it is a real treat for all you poker lovers out there: We are heading back to London, UK and Aspers Casino in Westfield!

All set for Bulgaria : Happenings schedule!

Yes! Finally the event schedule will be official by this post. We had some late minute bookings to be made, and now everything is all set. Let’s start with the schedule for the TV-table. Every day, we will have to broadcasts of

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